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AT Evans A/V our approach to staging and executing your program is simple: We aim for excellence. Our technology and equipment is leading edge, and we fortify it with redundant systems that ensure that your presentations are never beholden to consistency glitches that would confound AV production companies less experienced and less well equipped.

We have everything we need and more to ensure that your important corporate event will succeed whether it is in person, virtual or a combination of both. Our dynamic AV production team achieves the highest standards and provides consistent quality and flawless execution for large-scale business meetings and presentations.

When you work with Evans, you are connected with a dedicated group of our AV technicians who become part of your team at every event you produce. We believe familiarity not only helps us develop deep knowledge of your business, but it’s important for you to know that you can connect with the same lead designers and technicians whenever needed, and that they’ll know the subject matter inside and out.

By knowing your team and your business we are better able to see things from your vantage point and handle potential issues proactively and act quickly if needed.