A Kabuki drop is a stunning special effect incorporating a lightweight curtain fabric that is swiftly dropped from above, by mechanical control, to instantly reveal a stage, product, performer or any other focal point of your event. Special events such as product launches, parties, concerts and other live performances often utilize kabuki curtain drops to generate mystery, excitement and surprise. By combining additional special effects like, intelligent lights, video projection, and smoke or CO2, our event professionals can drive the crowd to a “fever pitch” that climaxes in the dropping kabuki.

Our Kabuki curtain drop systems feature a patented leveraged swing release that provides outstanding reliability and strength resulting in superior curtain drops. Our kabuki system is uniquely designed to use gravity to its advantage yielding more consistent effects. Our system is very versatile and can support both single and double kabuki drop effects.

Kabuki drops systems inherited their name from Japanese Kabuki Theater where curtain drops are used to indicate the transition from one scene to the next. With our Kabuki curtain drop systems you can “wow” your audience with a dramatic transition to your main event.