Event Lighting FAQ

Recently, an industry leading website posted a series of questions all clients should ask their lighting vendor before an event. At Evans Audio-Visual, we believe it is important for our clients to feel confident in our ability to meet their expectations. To this end, here are our answers to the questions posed in the above referenced article.

Question 1: Do You Own Your Own Equipment?

Answer: Yes. We maintain one of the largest inventories of professional lighting equipment in the mid-west. All of our equipment is owned and maintained by Evans AV in our corporate facilities. By stocking a large inventory of professional lighting equipment, we are able to avoid the costs many vendors incur with single-use rentals and afford our staff more training with the systems. This enables us to provide experienced technicians and pass the cost savings on to our clients.

Question 2: Are You Insured?

Answer: Yes. Evans Audio-Visual is fully Insured. We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety of our clients, their guests and our employees.

Question 3: Will the Venue I Selected Have Enough Power to Run the Lighting and Effects I’ve Chosen?

Answer: Yes. As a matter of course, we verify our power consumption needs with a facility during the planning process of any event. In some cases (usually outdoor event spaces) a venue’s power supply may be inadequate or non-existent. For these instances we offer reliable, portable power distribution systems to meet the energy demands.

Question 4: Has Everything Been Cleared with the Venue?

Answer: Yes. If Evans Audio Visual is handling the design process for your event, we will acquire all necessary clearances with your venue. If you are using another event design or event planning service, we will work with them to ensure compliance with any restrictions or regulations your event venue may have in place.

Question 5: Where Are You Planning to Put the Lighting Console and How Much Space Do You Need?

Answer: Our lighting consoles need to have clear sight-lines of the stage, dance floor or area to be lit in your event space. Depending on your event design, our lighting consoles usually require an area the size of a standard folding table. If you are using an event planner, we will work with them to facilitate our needs.

Question 6: What If I Want the Lights to Change Colors?

Answer: Our inventory includes an extensive variety of lighting and effect choices. The vast majority of our lighting options can be customized to meet your demands, however it is important that you convey your ideas to us during the planning of your event so we can match your needs to the appropriate equipment.

Question 7: What About Hiding the Cables, Speaker Tri-Pods and Weight Bags?

Answer: We are very cognizant of the need to present a neat and elegant image at your event. Whenever possible, we will use existing infrastructure or temporary installations to hide cabling and other unsightly equipment. When this is not adequate we incorporate a variety of techniques to insure a “clean” and safe set-up in your event space. Is it important that the level of detail involved be discussed during the design process as it can effect pricing, gear and labor cost.

Question 8: How Will the On Site Crew Be Dressed?

Answer: Image is everything. We know how important it is to present a positive image at every event. Our on-location technicians will dress appropriately. No ripped jeans and grimy T-Shirts. As a general rule, black shirts and black slacks can be expected.

As a consumer in the event industry, it is important to receive satisfactory answers to questions such as these. As a mid-west leader in event production and design, Evans Audio-Visual takes pride in the services we offer, our staff and our growing collection of satisfied clients. Please contact us with any further questions or for more information regarding your event production or event design needs.