Our custom ceiling drapery and ceiling liners will add glamour and elegance to your venue and allow us to convert an unattractive space into an elegant or gala setting proper for your wedding reception or other celebration. Our professional draping designs will effectively transform the atmosphere of your site and enhance your theme. Our ceiling drapery and celing liners can mask unsightly elements like poorly maintained ceilings, exposed beams, unfortunate ceiling fixtures or other unseemly materials that detract from the overall décor of the event you are planning.

Properly placed ceiling drapery and ceiling liners also help to eliminate acoustic noise in rooms with hard surfaces such as marble and glass. In venues with very tall ceilings, they create a warm and intimate atmosphere by producing a much lower and more comfortable perceived ceiling height.

Our ceiling drapery and ceiling liner installations are available in a variety of styles. Deep swags, elegantly gathered, soften and bring the feeling of luxury to any event venue. A “flat-drape” style can be incorporated by spreading the fabric out in the room to achieve a canopy effect. This style of draping is quite effective at hiding an unattractive ceiling and provides a fantastic surface on which to project lighting effects.

Many event spaces are naturally beautiful and our ceiling drapery and liners can be used to enhance or accent the strong features of the space. Our ceiling drapery and liners pair nicely with our chandelier offerings to create a stunning environment.